At the east coast of Borneo - located in the Celebes Sea, the resort was built on the island "Bakungan kecil" was built in 2008. The island is about four acres and has 22 bungalows which are built in traditional style. Nunukan Island Resort is located at the southern end of the Maratua atoll, directly at the outer reef.


This little paradise has been built with regards for the lush island vegetation the buildings were carefully inserted into the nature. The spacious bungalows are built on the west side of the island on a white sandy beach overlooking the lagoon. The restaurant and dive center are located on the northeast side of the island with a view to the long jetty leading directly to the outer reef. The heart of the island consists of native vegetation and fascinating coral stone sculptures. The wooden jetty connects the bungalows on the island with the restaurant & diving center. Ecological considerations influenced the construction considerably.