The legendary dive sites at Sangalaki and Kakaban Island are offered as day trips. Half-day trips to South Maratua and the famous dive site "Big Fish Country" are also highly recommended to visit.

Kakaban: About 70% of Kakaban consists of a brackish lake, surrounded by a thin strip of dense jungle. During the surface interval you have the unusual opportunity to snorkel with various types of non-stinging jellyfishe. At the “Barracuda Point” regularly reef sharks, leopard sharks and school of barracudas are seen.

Sangalaki: Known worldwide for its manta encounters, these leave these dive sites let every diver's heart beat faster. Mantas can be seen almost throughout the whole year and an encounter with the "eagle of the sea" is an unforgettable event. But also the intact coral reefs and the countless with turtles come to lay their eggs on the island,

make these dive sites an absolute highlight.


Big Fish Country: One highlight "the Channel", also known as "Big Fish Country", is certainly one of the best dive sites in Maratua and whole Borneo. Due to strong currents you can expect almost at every dive big fish like sharks and big schools of barracudas. During early morning dives also hammerhead sharks are seen from time to time.