Dive Sites

Dive site description Nunukan Island Resort: 

House reef dive sites:


Nunukan Express

Our dive site left of the jetty. Here a strong current can occur which gives you good chances to meet big schools of jack fish, often big grouper or barracuda. You will also find a small cave with beautiful corals on about 30m. At the end of the dive you pass a big sandy slope with a lot of macro creatures. Usually we dive here right shoulder to the reef.                                     


Sea Fan City

Colorful wall famous for scorpion fish and stone fish, often seen sea cobras, nudi branches and turtles. Keep your eyes open for more macro creatures like crabs and shrimps. A pygmy seahorse is also hiding here in one of the many fan corals.


Ujung Nunukan

Here we have a sandy plateau on 30 meters where often grey reef sharks and white tip reef sharks can be seen. Big stingrays, many pipe fish and turtles hang out here. The wall is overgrown with plenty of whip corals. Between Ujung Nunukan and Pandoga Point, at 16-21m, we dropped a small wreck – our former house reef boat. Moray eels and scorpion fish live here.


Pandoga Point

This dive site is a wall with craters and overhangs. On approx. 35m it continues with a sandy plateau where thresher sharks and hammer head sharks have been seen. Many colorful soft and hard corals keep the photographers happy as well as turtles and macro creatures, like nudi branches and orangutan crabs.



Our most “quiet” dive site regarding the current. We can almost guarantee turtles here! A leopard shark also shows up from time to time. Snorkelers will also enjoy their time here. Moray eels, nudi branches and crabs keep our dive exciting even in shallow water. This is our favorite site for night dives. 


Bakungan Tengah

Next to a beautiful wall you find sandy slopes where leopard sharks prefer to sleep. A pygmy seahorse is hiding here as well as ghost pipe fish in the shallow area. This site is also suitable for snorkelers as usually a small current occurs.



Our house reef dive site in the south across from the lighthouse of Virgin Cocoa. The variety of corals is outstanding. Snorkelers will feel like they are in an aquarium due to many reef fish. Don’t forget to watch out in the blue as manta rays and dolphins pass by from time to time.





North Maratua – Half-daytrips:     


Big Fish Country

Our famous channel with very strong currents opposite of Nabucco. Diving is only possible during incoming current. A reef hook is a must as the channel entry will be crossed. A huge school of barracudas, white and black tip reef sharks as well as eagle rays are the big attraction here. This is not an easy dive site, but definitely worth the effort! Before diving here you should have gained some experience with currents.

Distance from Nunukan: 30 minutes by speed boat


Small Fish Country

Just next to BFC you can enjoy this well intact and colorful coral reef. Plenty of fusiliers and a great variety of reef fish live here. Passing bumphead parrotfish, tuna or eagle rays provide surprising encounters.

Distance from Nunukan: 30 minutes by speed boat


East Wall

Located between Nunukan and Nabucco this beautiful steep wall is worth a trip. Nurse sharks, leopard sharks, grey reef sharks or stingrays are quite common here.

Distance from Nunukan: 15 minutes by speed boat 



Leo Wall

Leo’s Wall starts on a slope and ends on a beautiful wall with overhangs. In the shallows you will find lobster, often banded sea snake or octopus. There is usually no strong current, so it is a good dive site to search for macro creatures.

Distance from Nunukan: 25 minutes by speed boat


South Maratua – Half-daytrips:



Untouched colorful coral reef west of Nunukan. Many fish schools, sting rays or eagle rays can often be seen. As a nice change to the usual walls you dive here on a gentle slope from 5-15m depth with a sandy plateau at the bottom that shows plenty of coral blocks in between.

Distance from Nunukan: 20 minutes by speed boat


Ujung Karang Tinggi

This reef also starts with a gentle slope and continues with a steep wall. The huge variety of soft and hard corals is outstanding and gives many macro creatures good opportunities to hide. Often bumbhead parrotfish, travellies or tunas are passing by.

Distance from Nunukan: 20 minutes by speed boat



Slightly sloping reef with sandy areas in between which rays are used to rest. On about 30m, a sandy plateau where occasionally reef sharks, eagle rays or smaller schools of barracudas passing. The dive is rounded off with a beautifully overgrown wall with a lot of small things in it.

Distance from Nunukan: 20 minutes by speed boat


Karang Muaras – Half-daytrips:


Tresher Slope

A so far completely untouched and unexplored reef south of Nunukan.

A sand slope leads up to 25m to several smaller boulders where the tresher sharks often cruising around. The reef continues on right shoulder side, gently sloping with a lot of macro, leave fishes, pipefish’s, sepias and much more.

Distance from Nunukan: 40 minutes by speed boat



A completely unexplored reef south of Nunukan. A fantastic wall until 30m with huge fan corals welcomes you here. Lots of small caves and overhangs provide spots for sleeping rays or nurse sharks. On the sandy bottom mantis shrimps, nudi branches and garden eels can be found.

Distance from Nunukan: 40 minutes by speed boat


Buli Gusungang

Here we also start the dive on a beautiful steep wall which is covered on colorful soft corals. An easy slope follows where on single coral blocks macro creatures can be watched. Don’t forget to look into the blue from time to time, sharks or dolphins like to pass by here!

Distance from Nunukan: 40 minutes by speed boat


For the explorer among you this reef provides plenty of opportunities. If you would like to go on an exploration dive with us, let us know and we will arrange it.


Kakaban/Sangalaki – Daytrip:


Tuna Point

Already when you descend, you cannot stop to look on those amazing in best order corals on the wall of Tuna Point. A plateau starts at 30m, where often surprising big staff passing by. Out in the blue you can expect many tunas, jack’s and fusilier schools..

Distance from Nunukan: 35 minutes by speed boat


Kakaban Wall

A beautifully overgrown steep wall just next to the jetty of the famous jelly fish lake with a lot of macro creatures. The wall shows some holes and craters that invite you for exploring. Here is usually not much current to be expected.

Distance from Nunukan: 40 minutes by speed boat


Sangalaki/Manta Point

THE place to have an encounter with manta rays. The easy slope in front of Sangalaki is the feeding place for these elegant creatures. Next to the manta rays you find a sandy area on 5-15m with many coral blocks to discover macro creatures. Fusiliers, nudi branches, scorpionfish or sepia can be seen here.

Distance from Nunukan: 1 hour by speed boat