Altogether 23 local staff from the Maratua Atoll are taking care of all the needs of the guests on a daily basis. Thanks to them a relaxing stay is granted.


21, Semarang, Jawa, Service Restaurant / Bar 

Our sunshine is always in good mood when she is serving the finger licking food to our guests.


34, Jakarta, Dive Guide 

She grow up in the biggest city from Indonesia. Years ago she felt in love with the beauties from this country above and below the sea level. At the moment she is doing here Padi Divemaster with us and she works hard every day to know the first and last name of all our fishes here. 


28, Medan, Sumatra, Masseur, General Helper

Since March 2016 Arifin is a diligent worker on Nunukan. He is educated massagist and offers brilliant massages. When he is not busy in our Spa, he helps our everywhere on the island. 


25, Maratua, Housekeeping, Garden 

Boyo is our youngster, since June 2015 joining here.  Already in the morning he takes care that the island is cleaned up. Sometimes he is also helping in the garden as he has lots of experience in this field too.


34, Maratua, Diveguide 

Budi is new in the Nunukan team since March 2019

He is probably the most experienced dive guide in our area as he is diving Maratua, Sangalaki, Kakaban and Muaras since 2001 and therefore he has uncountable thousands of dives


37, Maratua, Captain, General Helper.

Since October 2009 is Cawin part of the Nunukan team. He got the nickname “Captain Sing“ because often he likes to sing at work. He is mostly captain of our day trip boat.




36, Maratua, Technician, Compressor. 

Darno had his 10 years anniversary in 2018 at Nunukan and is very reliable taking care that the diving tanks are filled with 200 bar every day. He is also responsible that we never run out of power or water supply.


42, Sulawesi, married on Maratua, Captain, General Helper. 

Donli is on the island since March 2014. Often he drives the diving boat for halfday- and fulldaytrips, but can also be spotted in the garden or at maintenance work.


42, Sulawesi. The craftsman…

Dulla was already on Nunukan before the first bungalow was built. He decisively took part in building the whole resort and since opening he is responsible for the general maintenance. 


24, born in Malaysia, raised in Sulawesi, Darno` Helper

Eras started on Nunukan in June 2016 in the service team, but left again for studies. Now newly he is back with a new challenge – he is doing an apprenticeship with Darno and eagerly helps him with all technical matters.




37, Maratua, Service Restaurant / Bar 

2011 Fitri got employed in the staff kitchen. After 1 year she changed to guest service. In between she supports the kitchen team and got the service for restaurant & bar under her control.


34, Maratua, Cook 

Kasim supports Azam in our guest kitchen. He is more than 10 years on Nunukan now, know all our dishes by heart and is our baker.


41, Maratua, Housekeeping 

From September 2012 to 2014 Nardi took care of our garden. Nowadays he is waiting patiently for the guests to have breakfast so he can clean their bungalow. He is also the laundry man....


27, Maratua, Allrounder

Also Obey was start as a daily worker and as we could see that he can do almost everything we gave him the chance to work with us in 2018


27, Sulawesi, Nightguard 

The torchlight you might see at night belongs to our nightguard Ponding. Since September 2015 he watches out at night for the boats, protects the new turtle eggs and reports next day, if one of the walkway lights fails.


20, Toraja, Sulawesi,  Housekeeping 

He is our youngest staff member and new in the team since March 2019

He is well integrated in the "cleaning team"


from Maratua, Boatscaptain, Genreral Helper

Since spring 2018 you can see Rendi in the front of our dive boats but also you can met him with a broom in the garden.


24, from Sragen, Jawa, Cook

Just arrived in Mai 2019 to the kitchen team. We are exited to try his new dishes which he will bring in our already big variety.


28, from Sulawesi, Bootcrew, General Helper


He start his adventure here in summer 2018 as we where busy and where looking for daily workers. He did his job well and that's why he is under contract with us since autumn 2018


23, Derawan, Kitchenhelper 

Since 2016 part of the Nunukan staff and already well integrated, Sarda supports our chefs in the guest kitchen and knows a lot about creating delicious desserts (mainly colorful and sweet!). At the moment she is mainly in the staff kitchen.


22, Surabaya, Java, Service Restaurant / Bar. 

Since 2018 he is our “newbie”. Right out of hotel school from Surabaya, first time away from home, he perfectly masters the challenge to give best service to our guests. Guests and colleagues like him a lot.


27, from Maratua, Technician, Compressor

Sul is actually a employee from Virgin Cocoa. Together with Darno he is mainly responsible for the Generators and the Compressors. He definitely has 2 right hands and can do some repairing as well.


44, Toraja, Sulawesi, Chef de Service 

Since the opening of Nunukan Island Resort in August 2008 Yohanis belongs to the island. He is head of our service team and due to his excellent English skills coordinator between management and staff and local authorities.


29, Maratua, Boatcaptain, Dive guide 

Gugun started 2008 as boatcrew and soon got promoted to captain. His technical knowledge about „his“ boats is a great support for the management. Today he is at the same time one of our diveguides, perfect combination!