Since June 2016 there are some changes on  Nunukan Island. Beat Waefler came back to his little paradise after a 6 months break and is managing the resort now together with Susanne Loos.



Susanne Loos

Susanne Loos, 39, born in Munich, travelled around the world as diving instructor for many years. She worked on the Philippines, Maldives, Curacao and Fiji. Susanne is the right person if you want to learn how to dive or improve your skills. Her background in business administration she uses for the daily work in the office.



Beat Waefler

Beat Waefler: Before he became a passionate diver years ago he used to work as a construction builder in Switzerland. With that experience he is responsible for the technical part of the island and tries to get his head under water as often as possible. He gained his experience in the diving business mainly in the Philippines, Thailand and Egypt. Due to various trips in Asia he also knows diving in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and of course the cold Swiss lakes.